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The Mayflower played a critical part in the history of the United States, marking the beginning of permanent colonization in New England and paving the path for future colonization of North America by Europeans. Try answering the questions below to further solidify these facts into your long term memory. Don't worry if you do not know the answers, you can always try again later:

What year did the Mayflower arrive in what is now modern day Cape Cod, Massachusetts?

In addition to the crew, how many passengers came on the Mayflower?

How long after their arrival did the Mayflower passengers first encounter Native Americans?

What document did some of the passengers write and sign on the Mayflower before making landfall?

Hungry for more? I really enjoyed Nathaniel Philbrick's book The Mayflower:

Or watch History Channel's "Deconstructing History: Mayflower" video:


The Mayflower arrived on November 11th, 1620. Aboard were 102 passengers, 2 dogs, and a crew of about 26. Upon arriving at Cape Code, the Pilgrims did not encounter Native Americans until about 3 weeks later1. Before disembarking, the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact, a set of rules they agreed to abide by in the new land.