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    Learn How To Sail Faster

    Our online platform makes learning the hundreds of terms and technical sailing knowledge a breeze

  • Sapienza Features

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    Spaced Repetition

    Save Time

    Sapienza's intelligent SRS algorithm helps you study the right stuff at the right time

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    Recall Approach

    Study More Efficiently

    Our question & answer format gives you double the benefits for half the time 

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    Flexible Access

    Access Anywhere, Anytime

    Access via your favorite web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone for just 5 minutes a day

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    Custom content

    Add Your Own

    Complement our review guides by creating your own flashcards, making sure you learn the things you care about


    How to get started

    Once you've received access to our intelligent flashcards on our platform, you'll select which topics you want to learn and can start studying right away. This video will show you how to navigate the platform and explains how it uses spaced repetition and recall to help you remember everything you need to know for the ASA tests (guaranteed).

  • How the Sapienza platform works


    Our intelligent flashcards are designed to improve your retention of important facts and concepts, while minimizing the amount of time you spend studying. 

    Testing yourself is better than reading

    Reading over your sailing notes or textbook a second or even third time is not the best way to remember what you've read because although it may feel like you understand and have memorized the information, you're not actually practicing recalling the information. Fill in the blank flashcards are a better study tool because your brain needs to generate the answer, which is what you will need to do the day of the test (and on the water!). Studies have shown that recall review sessions (i.e. flashcards) are twice as effective as re-reading something.

    Spaced repetition saves time and helps you remember longer

    Our spaced repetition algorithm figures out which flashcards you need to focus on, and which ones you can review more interminently. This saves you a lot of time because reviewing the 100+ topics that may show up on the ASA exam every review session would likely take over an hour each time. Instead, our algorithm keeps track of how well you know each flashcard, and then tests you at the best possible time. Our algorithm helps you spend more time on the questions you find more difficult, and less time on the ones you know well.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much time do I need to study?

    We recommend spending about 5 minutes a day. The Sapienza review platform is designed to make each of your review sessions as possible, so you won't need to spend hours upon hours studying (unless you want to of course!). It's OK if you miss a day, but for you to really remember everything you need to know we recommend logging in at least 3 times a week.

    Can I learn how to sail using Sapienza only?

    No! Sapienza will help you learn the theory and make you a much faster learner, but to truly learn the skills you will need to go out there on the water. Using Sapienza will make you more prepared though and help you get more out of your sailing lessons. Think of Sapienza as a complement to your regular instruction and/or practice on the water.

    What is your refund policy?

    If you are not completely satisfied we offer a 100% refund guarantee. Our goal is to take the pain and frustration out of learning and help you acquire sailing knowledge in the most efficient and fun way possible.

    Can I become a beta tester?

    We are a very small operation and depend on people like you to make sailing easier to learn! If you'd be interested in providing us with your feedback in exchange for free access to our platform, please reach out to support@sapienza.com.