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· French

Rester means "to stay". It is an extremely common verb.

Example sentences with rester

Je reste à la maison — I'm staying at home

Tu comptes rester chez tes grands-parents? — Are you planning to stay with your grandparents?

Nous allons rester en forme cet hiver en faisant du yoga — We will stay in shape this winter by doing yoga.

Tu restes là-bas combien de temps? — How long will you stay there?

Nous restons vigilants tant que COVID reste répandu dans notre ville — We remain vigilant as long as COVID remains prevalent in our city.

Vous restez longtemps ici? — Are you staying here for a long time?

Ma soeur est restée à Paris pendant deux semaines — My sister stayed in Paris for 2 weeks


Rester comes from the latin verb restare, which means to remain, to stay.

Expressions with rester

rester en forme — to stay in shape. (Common expression)

rester dans l’ombre — to be discreet; not show oneself. Literally "to stay in the shadows".

rester sur sa faim — to be disappointed, to be unsatisfied, left wanting more. Literally "to stay on his/her/my ect. hunger". (This is a more advanced expression)